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The Jubilee effect will be short-lived

Today is the day after the Jubilee weekend before. The bunting has been packed away, People have gone back to work and normal life has resumed. Undoubtedly, many people had a great time. Parties were had, and some people probably talked more to their neighbours at a street party than they have in the years up to it. Those not so keen on the Monarchy got an extended break at home.

Has anything changed?

Nothing, except the bank accounts of those selling the endless tat with a Union Jack printed on it.

The United Kingdom is the face of a storm that threatens the well being and security of all we know. The austerity-driven economic policies of our Government are being pushed harder and harder, despite the economic stagnation they are bringing and the clear evidence that the medicine is killing the patient.

Unemployment will increase, as will insecurity and fear among those left at the bottom of the pile. Division in society will broaden further.

The NHS is slipping into private hands, with the previous infrastructure so damaged in the process that it is likely to be irreversible, despite the reassuring words of Andy Burnham.

Our education system is becoming more and more divided. Those who live in poorer areas, and those with education special needs will be left with little support in a two-tier system.

The Government has reduced its support for long-term green energy and ploughed more money into oil and gas. This will kick the sustainable energy can further down the road and ensure our oil addiction continues, as the poorest in our world suffer first from global warming.

Against this backdrop, I wish waving a few flags and raising a glass of Pimms to an old Lady from Windsor would cure everything, or make it feel even slightly better.

It doesn’t.

Given what needs to change to make our country one of fairness and equality, where ordinary people can feel genuinely part of a society they can prosper in, the Jubilee and the Monarchy itself are just an utter irrelevance.

By the way, happy Jubilee Ma’am.